About Us


EDU-Step FOUNDATION is a foundation which aims at the development of education standards of the area and as-well-as of the nation. It is being founded by a well experienced and renowned, experienced and passionate educationist Acharya Ramesh Sachdeva who is commonly known as Acharyaji in the year 2023.

EDU-STEP FOUNDATION is an innovative learning organisation created to improve the quality of education in India. Established in 2023 to provide education to children in the slums of surroundings, training teachers, extending helping hand to the various schools, institutions, NGOs, colleges and play way school. EDU-STEP FOUNDATION has grown in both scope and scale, with programs today reaching children and youth across the country.

As one of the many largest and established non-governmental organisations in the country, EDU-STEP FOUNDATION focuses on high-quality, low-cost and replicable interventions to address gaps in the education system. Working directly with teachers, children and youth as well as through large-scale collaborations with government systems, EDU-STEP FOUNDATION programs is trying to reach millions of lives of the nation.

EDU-STEP FOUNDATION’s Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) approach has demonstrated proven impact on children’s learning outcomes and teaching with passion by the teachers is now being adapted to contexts in various schools of India.

It is the only foundation which is going to give awards and rewards to the passionate and dedicated teachers of all levels.

Across the spectrum from Early Childhood Education to Secondary Education, our programs strive to achieve focused objectives across different segments, as defined by our understanding of existing gaps and the impact of our innovations over time.

Special segments for the senior secondary and college students are also in process to be setup for their all-round development and to teach them entrepreneurship and to earn bread and butter with dignity.

EDU-STEP FOUNDATION (ESF) promotes mutual understanding between STATES of India and through the educational exchange of outstanding scholars, professionals, and students etc.

EDU-STEP FOUNDATION has made agreement on educational exchange programmes with the renowned schools and institutions for the value based and skill based trainings etc., which will set a remarkable growth of kids as well as of the youngsters.

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Rajan Sharma