About Us

EduSTEP (STEPS TOWARDS EDUCATIONAL PROGRESS) Centre is a professional education provider, specialising in high quality, structured tutoring for children of classes LKG TO 10TH & provide teachers trainings and certification to the freshers and to the the in-service teachers for their profession growth.

Certified Institute

At EduSTEP Centre, we are a certified institute dedicated to empowering educators through comprehensive training and certification programs.

Qualifed Teachers

At EduSTEP Centre, we nurture and support qualified teachers to excel in their profession, fostering excellence in education

Our Award Categories


Limitless Learning, Limitless Possibilities !

  • Knowledge is the Beacon Guiding Towards a Brighter Future
  • The Promise of Education Building a Brighter Society
  • Education Transforms Paving the Way for a Brighter World

Education Building Brighter Futures

Empowering Minds Through Education

Our Best Features


Skilled Teachers

Our team of skilled teachers is dedicated to nurturing students' potential and fostering a passion for learning.


Affordable Courses

At EduSTEP Centre, we believe in accessible education, offering affordable courses without compromising on quality.


Efficient & Flexible

Our programs are designed to be efficient and flexible, catering to individual needs and accommodating busy schedules.

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Rajan Sharma








Review's From Students

“I had the delight of being an outpatient in your Ambulatory Surgical Unit for foot surgery.”

Honey Gola



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