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Edu-Step शिक्षक सम्मान

Dear Educator!
Warm Greetings from Edu-Step FOUNDATION
With immense pleasure and proud, Edu-Step FOUNDATION opens the registration of the most prestigious Edu-Step शिक्षक सम्मान from time to time on the basis of registration by the educators, teachers, professors, Principals etc.

These education award ceremonies, will spotlight your achievements in the realm of education, will recognise you and benchmark your meritorious contribution to the education community.

To nominate yourself for one the most prestigious awards 2023 kindly fill the attached
Google form- Nomination Link (

History is the witness that the pride of any nation remains awake only when it teaches its traditions of self-respect and sacrifice to the next generation, continuously inculcates and inspires them for this. The future of a nation is bright only when it is connected moment by moment to its past experiences and glorious heritage. India has immense reserves, rich history and vibrant cultural heritage to be proud of.

For India to assume the chairmanship of the G-20, it is not only a matter of national pride but also an opportunity to help shape sustainable global objectives 2016. In order to preserve this glorious moment Edu-Step Foundation eager to felicitate the nation builders and leave a trail blazer for the upcoming generations.


EDU-Step Foundation promotes Entrepreneurship by way various programmes.

EDU-Step Foundation helps you in setting up EDU-Step Play-way schools, Coaching institutes, Life Skills Training Centres and Career counseling institutes.


EDU-Step Foundation also organizes various Olympiads of schools levels, MOCK tests and competitive exams of various levels.

Through these exams meritorious students are selected for grand awards and prizes.

These exams are conducted online and offline.